Hometown Heroes--Piggly Wiggly Employees

The employees of Savannah's Piggly Wiggly got together a few months ago to raise money for the Children's Place at Saint Joseph's/Candler Hospital. The money they raised is helping the children in the center feel a little more at home.

It may be just a video game, but for a sick child, it's a way to cope with his situation. Special game units children can play in bed cost around $3,000, and thanks to the employees of Savannah's Piggly Wiggly stores, there will be more of these to go around.

"It's a good charity, it's a worthwhile charity, it's for children," said district manager Monroe Hoges. "A number of years back we were asked to by St. Joseph's/Candler and Hershey's to do a fundraiser to raise money for the children's center here at the hospital. We presented that to the employees and they all jumped on it very quickly."

For Piggly Wiggly, it's a way to give back to the community. For sick children, the money will provide a much-needed distraction.

"For Piggly Wiggly to in essence adopt us at the Children's Place is such a benefit for us, we can't do it alone," said Pat Valenzano, director of the Women and Children's Hospital. "We have funds within the health system to use for so many of the needs of our patients, but these needs always extend beyond the boundaries of what our bank account can cover."

For their contributions and commitment to raise more money for the Children's Place in the years to come, the Piggly Wiggly employees are this week's WTOC Hometown Heroes.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com