Editorial feedback - 7/30/12

Good morning Bill, Carey Brown here.  Not long ago you did an editorial on T- Splost.  You supported the additional one cent.  I do not because we already pay one cent into Splost that covers those things that T-Splost is proposed to cover. I know that because I get funds for resurfacing from the Splost account. If I were to do road construction I could get funds from the Splost account.  In additon T-Splost is for 10 years.  Bill enough is enough.  More taxes is not the answer. Lastly projects that are on State Routes GDOT gets the funds transferred to them for execution of the project. GDOTs track record for construction management is not that great. 
Lastly pulling 11 (?) countys together to split the tax collected will be even worst than the divide we now have with how to split the Splost funds that is on going.  Bill have a great day.

Carey Brown
Savannah, Ga.