Chiropractic & Wellness - Neck Pain


Everyone in life will experience neck pain at some point, whether serious or not. We are, after all, human. By this I mean that our very design is structured in a way that may leave us vulnerable to strains, sprains and injuries. Your head, being balanced atop your neck, creates a weight for neck muscles to support. If these muscles should weaken or fail, we are then left with a very real possibility of injury.

So, the question then is….is my neck pain serious?

If you are experiencing mild stiffness or irritation that disappears on its own after a night of rest, chances are you simply need to change your lifestyle. The manner in which you hold your head during your normal routine will have a profound impact on how the muscles in the neck will feel. For example, if you hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder at work all day…well, you might want to rethink that habit. Maybe you sit at a desk all day and read with your head down…not a very good idea, either.
Contact your chiropractor for an examination to determine whether or not this is the cause of your neck pain. If it is, they will be more than happy to help you overcome these habits and replace them with healthy ones. If, however, your neck pain continues for a few days or the pain has moved from annoying to unbearable, you may want to see your chiropractor as soon as possible. Your body is trying to tell you that something is not normal. Some explanations for this pain may be disease, arthritis, possibly a malformation at birth, degeneration or an injury.

Determining the cause of the neck pain is the first step towards curing it. However, your chiropractor will have to assess many triggers such as posture, your usual behaviors and habits, what you do for a living, and your overall physical condition in addition to the clinical observations.

Through a team effort, you and your chiropractor can pinpoint the problem and work towards not only eliminating it, but also avoiding it again in the future.