Editorial - 8/6/12

Just two-weeks ago, a degenerate in Colorado, randomly killed twelve and wounded 58, some critically.  Already largely forgotten, certainly not by victim-families, due to media-top-of-mind-control, which now insists we focus, instead, on sporting events beamed from Britain.  Escapist fare for a dazed-citizenry in need of a video-pillow over its collective head, providing moments of relief from the tsunami of bad news pouring out of D.C. and elsewhere. Sadly, the families of those 70 random targets get no such relief, facing a wait, far too long, for their own justice and closure, by a PC-system that places the care of the accused, above that of victims.

Which brings us to Army Major Hasan, the accused assassin of 13, along with 32 wounded, during the shooting spree at Fort Hood, on November 5, 2009.  After numerous, inexcusable delays, his military trial is, at last, set to begin on August 20, now almost 3-years since he allegedly carried out his insidious, personal jihad.  Allowed to happen, despite clear signs of his eroding loyalty, shielded from consequence by political correctness, yet a career-ender for we unworthy infidels.  And all this time, these families, too, have been forced to wait while procedural-foolishness, in an obvious case, has unfairly-delayed their own share of justice.  For these accused mass-murderers, if found guilty, both must be extinguished without undue delay, having forfeited their right to remain on this earth.  And there's yet one more entity that must be put out of our misery: the enabler of evil called political correctness, far more than a minor factor in the obvious disintegration of our traditions, values, and nation.