Rice Speaks to G-8 Media

All this week, diplomats from around the world will be speaking to the media of the world right at the International Media Center on Hutchinson Island.

This morning Dr. Condoleeza Rice took center stage. She said President Bush not only wants to discuss world economic issues, but how the G-8 summit can help bring all of our allies back to the table, from the war in Iraq to stabilizing the entire Middle East.

"The statesmen are meeting here at Sea Island in what are clearly challenging times," she said. "The G-8 leaders have a full agenda, and they will agree this week to launch many new initiatives to advance freedom by strengthening international cooperation."

Dr. Rice also talked about the incredible loss of President Ronald Reagan and how his vision helped shape the United States and bring an end to the cold war.

Reported by: Mitch Glicken, mglicken@wtoc.com