Business as Usual at Airport, but Not for Cabdrivers

With thousands of people flying into the Savannah-Hilton Head International airport for the G-8 summit, you can imagine how tight security has to be. If you're heading that way, be prepared to undergo additional security checks. With so many people flying in over the last couple of days, it's been quite busy.

Security check points are back in place, but according to the airport commission it's just standard procedure. "Another thing they'll notice is we're not allowing any parking in front of the building, unattended parking at any time," said the commission's Patrick Graham.

With members of the international media and other delegates coming into town, greeting committees have been on hand making sure whoever flies in, finds their way out of the airport. "I'm making sure the passengers get to the head out cab, and getting their taxis flowing so they're never waiting for a taxi," said ground transportation worker Pam Jones.

While things run smoothly inside the airport, outside things are going rather slow. With free shuttle service and a line of taxis a mile long, cabdrivers aren't a hot commodity for the G-8. "I made $40 in an 18-hour period," Jim Myrick of Adam Cab told us. "There's something wrong with that."

According to some cabdrivers, what's wrong is there's not too many people needing a lift. Especially since the number of people arriving for the G-8 summit is a bit lower than expected.

"We have more people here for St. Patty's Day than we do for the G-8 summit and it's doing nothing for my business," said Myrick. "This is terrible."

While the G-8 might be bad business for some cabdrivers, for the airport it's just business as usual. If you're heading over to the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport, they ask that you give yourself enough time, at least an hour and a half before boarding your flight.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,