Group Projects High-Tech Video on Building

Crews spent Saturday evening setting up for a big show on Broughton Street at the corner of Bull. As the sun went down, members of a group called the Creative Coast turned a building into a three-story billboard for Savannah's high-tech industry. They projected a DVD called Another Side of Savannah featuring works of computer animation, motion graphics, product and graphic designs and a whole lot more, all of which was produced in Savannah, onto the building.

"Creative Coast is an initiative sponsored by the city and by SEDA to promote and attract knowledge-based businesses," explained director Chris Miller. "Creative and technical businesses. Higher-wage jobs for a diverse economy. Higher-wage economy."

Organizers say even people who live in Savannah may not know about some of the high-tech and creative companies they're showing off.

"It's very important actually to the local economy to really start getting  the word out there that we have a lot more to offer than just historical buildings and tours in carriages," said Susan Isaacs, who worked on the project.

People stopped in the street to enjoy the show. "I think it's wonderful, and I think it's a great spot to advertise," said Emily Pike, who works nearby. "I think that the way it's going right now, it seems to be mesmerizing everybody so, I think it's a good idea, I think it's wonderful."

"I think this is fabulous, I'm in awe," added Savannah resident Mary Jane Hammer. "I felt like I was in New York City when I got out of the car."

Miller says the week of the G-8 is the right week to do this. "The timing is not an accident," he said. "I mean, the opportunity to be able to present our message and our image directly to our visitors during what is probably one of the greatest PR opportunities we're going to have, it's just a fantastic opportunity to brand Savannah as not just beautiful but smart."

With people all over the world looking our way, some will see another side of Savannah.

If you missed that show on Saturday, you can catch it again tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday night from sunset till 1am.

Reported by: Charles Gray,