Slow Business Downtown

The airport may be seeing increased business because of the G-8 summit, but some Savannah businesses aren't as lucky.

This morning was business as usual for Tanner's restaurant on Broughton Street. Hungry customers, craving food. But the hustle and bustle of a typical Monday morning just wasn't there.

"It's a little bit dropped down," said owner Roman Gubenko.

The usual foot traffic through this cozy restaurant is already slowing down.

Susan Jefferie, the owner of the Bean Scene on Wright Square, is expecting the same thing. "It will probably slow down a little bit, due to tourists who are not in the area right now, but who knows? Hopefully it will be great."

With the many changes taking place in downtown Savannah, some city officials are making sure store owners still stay in business.

"We're just trying to help visitors know that businesses are open downtown, and try to make things as normal as possible," said tourism director Jay Self.

It's a gesture definitely appreciated by store owners, who say they have a plan in place to make ends meet. "We'll stay open late," said Gubenko.

Many store owners say they will stay open throughout the week, and hope that business will pick up.

Reported by: Melanie Ruberti,