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Editorial 8/13/12

Two more challenges to American freedom, one failed, one, veiled.  When Chick-fil-A's CEO, Atlanta's Dan Cathy, told an interviewer that he believed in biblically-prescribed traditional marriage, the remaining hinges came off the long-unhinged.  Called intolerant by the intolerant-crusaders for tolerance, the company's stores were picketed, to the glee of the left's butt-kissing media lap-dogs, committed to delivering "all the news that's fit to twist."  To their collective chagrin, a subsequent Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a roaring success, as America's wallets turned out to slam-dunk the progressive-fringe. This whole lefty-charade , to scorch a successful, private-sector company for its Bible-based beliefs, really had little to do with one's choice of spouse, and everything to do with the coordinated effort of the selectively, anti-religious, to further belittle, and drive from public view, all that is, and reflects, Judeo-Christian faith, not to mention the very freedom to speak and operate one's business as one wishes.  Despite this win, be reminded that the effort to drive Americans to faith in government, rather than faith in God, continues.  Goes without saying, more God Appreciation Days should be on the nation's menu. 

Then a fresh challenge to the "free" in free enterprise within a presidential speech in Colorado last week, when he lauded the smoke-screened success of the now-government-controlled auto-industry, stating he'd like to do the same with "manufacturing jobs… in every industry."  A chilling shot at the heart of capitalism.  We need far less D.C. intrusion on American business,  to re-ignite the growth-engine, via private ownership in a free society, rather than government take-overs in a socialist one.  It's companies, not government, that've always propelled the success of our nation.        

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