G-8 Leaders Arrive on Sea Island

After the world leaders landed in Savannah for the G-8 summit today, all were greeted by area school children. Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada was the first to touch down at Hunter Army Airfield. He was greeted by a military honor guard and third graders from Satilla Marsh Elementary School in Brunswick. Students from Georgetown Elementary got to meet Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Then they were taken to Sea Island by helicopter. Around 9am this morning, world leaders began boarding helicopters for the short flight from Hunter Army Airfield to the G-8 summit. You could see them from the beach on Saint Simons Island as they approached Rainbow Island. From there, they were escorted to Sea Island for the summit.

President Bush has had private meetings today with the leaders of Canada, Germany, Russia and Japan.

During the meeting with Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi, President Bush held a news conference. He predicted a unanimous UN Security Council vote on a resolution dealing with post-occupation Iraq.

"I'm delighted we're about to get a security council resolution," he said. "There were some who said we'd never get one and it looks like if things go well it would be a unanimous vote. It shows that the members of the security council want Iraq to be free, peaceful and democratic. I think this is a very important moment."

The actual vote on the revised UN resolution defining the new Iraqi government's power took place in New York today. As the president predicted, the council approved the resolution unanimously.

On Sea Island tonight there will be an informal dinner for the leaders at a Beachside Bungalow. President Bush and the first lady will begin greeting the world leaders and their spouses at about 7:20pm, the dinner begins at 8pm.

Reported by: Mike Manhatton, mmanhatton@wtoc.com