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Diabetes Camp For Kids

Seems like everyone is counting carbs these days to lose weight. but there is another group counting carbs, diabetics. Children with diabetes are using math skills and new technology to manage their disease.

Childhood is a difficult time for such a demanding disease. Children in the Coastal Empire get the help they need, all designed to help them lead normal lives. Amber is a 9 year old from Jessup, GA. With a winning smile and the cutest dimples you'd never know that she is one of America's 206,000 people under 20 years of age diagnosed with diabetes, a chronic condition with no cure that can affect the entire family. "How am I going to take care of her, how will Ii know what to do," asked Stephanie Spears, Amber's mother. With the latest technology it's becoming easier than ever even for young children like Amber. A beeper like device worn at all times is actually an insulin pump used to administer the correct dose of insulin at the correct time. Newer pumps are now using carbohydrate calculations. "You put in grams of carbs, it tells you how many units you need to take," says Cecilia Sheffield with Diabetes Management at St. Joseph's/Candler.

But even with this high tech protection moms still worry, so children with diabetes may not become as independent as their friends. "She doesn't get to do a lot of things that most normal kids do," says Stephanie.

For the second year, Amber will be spending next week at Camp CoDiak, a summer overnight program sponsored by St. Joseph's/Candler where kids like Amber can be kids like everyone else without mom or dad. "It's a fun camp environment, at the same time they're medically supervised. And something new this year, because children with asthma also have health restrictions they will be included in the summer camp program. Camp Wheeze Busters will run at the same time as Camp CoDiak, June 13th through June 18, at Ebenezer Retreat Center.

For more information call 912-819-6146 or 912-819-3360.

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