Low Turnout for Protesters in Forsyth Park

Since plans were announced for the G-8, there has been concern about people coming to protest the summit. Over the weekend, law enforcement's been gearing up for the thousands of protesters that were expected to arrive in Savannah. The numbers expected were around 5,000, but only around 500 showed up, 400 of those journalists, with cameras, microphones and note pads.

"If more people come great," said one demonstrator, going only by August. "If people don't come we'll do our best to protest."

When some small groups of demonstrators finally showed up, it was a feeding frenzy for the media.

While many in the community feared riots and destruction, what they got was a group of protestors who decided to make light of the situation by entertaining the media, playing a friendly game of duck-duck-goose. But despite the low turnout, everybody kept their spirits high.

"If we have to show the world that it only takes 500 people to protest in Savannah, then there will be 500 people and I suggest you keep your cameras focused real tight on us so it looks like there's a lot of people," said a protester going by Bohdi.

The protests have been very peaceful in Forsyth Park, but it's just day one of the G-8 summit, so we'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com