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Protests in Brunswick Small, Peaceful

Since the president announced the G-8 summit would be on the Golden Isles, there has been concern about demonstrations. In fact in Brunswick, the community has braced for months. Residents here looked at past world meetings and saw the problems and worried if those same problems would happen here.

WTOC was in the middle of the largest protest so far in Brunswick. From neighbors to police, this has people worried. But demonstrators say they hope to keep things civil. They say their message is positive.

"We are a people of principle and integrity," said demonstrator George Friday. "We want the country to be the best it can be according to its principles."

On every corner and in the air, police flanked the demonstrators to make sure the march stays on its course. "We've tried to be proactive instead of reactive," said Sheriff Wayne Bennett of Glynn County. "And we think our plan has kept things peaceful."

Marchers say such police presence isn't necessary. "We are peaceful people," said Friday. "If there is anything that's not peaceful, it won't be from us."

With banners and voices carried high nearby, residents of this quiet town are glad the crowds are small and civil so far. "There was a lot of anxiety of how large the crowds would be, if there would be violence," said resident Jameson Gregg.

Folks hope they stay that way all the way through Friday.

There's a small but steady stream of demonstrations scheduled all week, from protests of the war in Iraq to demonstration of alternative fuel cars, everyone has a cause they want to be heard.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,

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