Slow Going at Low Country Primary Polls

Voters are heading out to the polls today in South Carolina for a primary election. Their votes will determine which local. state and federal candidates will appear on the November ballot.

It's been a slow day at the polls in Beaufort County as residents cast their votes for a US Senate seat and a number of county council and state house seats.

"It's been very slow," said poll worker Viola Smalls. "We've had less than 20 votes and it's about noon."

But it's a different story at the precincts that also have local and state races. In fact, they seem to be attracting more voters to the polls.

"It's been a steady stream, not overwhelming but people have been voting," said poll worker Ginger Bolden.

"We're seeing more people come out where there are county council seats," explained Agnes Garvin, head of the Beaufort County Board of Elections. "We're seeing low turnout this far."

Although voter turnout is slow in Beaufort County, those that did come out to vote say they're determined to make their votes count.

"I think every vote counts and every race counts and you should vote for all of them," said voter Justin Murphy.

"It's a privilege to come out and vote there are people living in countries that don't have that privilege and I think everyone should vote," said voter Helga Hiott.

The election board's Garvin says she's hoping for 80 or 90 percent of the voters to come out and cast their ballots in November. "With this being a presidential election year, a lot people are geared up."

The polls are open until 7pm tonight. Of course, we'll have the results on THE News at 11.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,