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Parents upset with new visitation policy


Dozens of parents crowded the Liberty County School Board meeting Tuesday night to voice their concern with the district's new visitation policy.

Despite the fact the board only allowed two speakers on the subject, members said they 'got the point' by the number of parents in attendance.

"We will address their concerns. This policy can be massaged and we'll deal with this as a board," Board Chairwoman Lily Baker said.

According to the new policy, parents can only visit their child's classroom once a semester for twenty minutes. The policy states all visits must be approved 24 hours in advance.

"There are so many things that can be done other than taking such drastic measures," parent Cristina Barnard said.

But Carol Hough, a Liberty County teacher who has been in the classroom for 20 years, said the policy is necessary.

"Our town is very transient. This is not the same town it was 25 years ago. We have to be very proactive in protecting our children and our staff," Hough said.

Hough says the schools have become increasingly unsafe with so many parents coming and going.

"Unfortunately, our soldiers come back and they are very stressed. We have a high divorce rate in our town. We had a spouse who left town with her three children the night before her husband came home. The soldier was beside himself and was running through the building looking for his children. I don't want a child in the classroom with someone who is in that much distress," Hough said.

Most of the parents agree there needs to be some sort of policy, but that the current one is over the top.

The board says they will talk about what changes might be made and could vote on a new policy at their next meeting.

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