Business Very Slow on River Street

If you've been down to River Street, you are probably one of the few. Business has been extremely slow going this week. Due to the G-8 summit, access to River Street has been restricted, and it shows.

Restaurants like Huey's that are usually packed for dinner were completely empty. But, they're looking at the bright side.

"It's a ghost town, but it's a prelude," said manager Herschel Thomas. "Take the good with the bad and treat this as a three-day commercial. Once we get people to see how beautiful Savannah is, they'd love to come here after the summit. That's how we're taking it."

Thomas says he expected at least out-of-town media and delegates to pop in. But few have stopped by. He hopes the week will turn around, but he's not counting on it.

Reported by: Don Logana,