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Editorial Salute - 8/16/12

Recently visited military installations in the Norfolk area, with fellow members of the Defense Orientation Conference Association.  Briefings and tours at Langley Air Force Base (whose F-22's are currently flying in Savannah); the Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Eustis; Naval Station Norfolk (the world's largest); Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek (home to our East Coast SEALs); Newport News Shipbuilding (now building our newest carrier); and a visit to Fort Monroe, an historic defender,  and until last year, a still-active Army post.

Some observations.  First and foremost, your military remains in skilled,  dedicated hands, fully committed to the defense of our nation, as the world's premier, land-sea-air military-force.  Enlistment, and retention goals are being met, thanks in part to the nation's weakened economy, likely the only positive.  And our high-tech equipment, and the operational-skills required, are proving to be little-challenge for this generation of web and video-game-savvy enlistees. The biggest reality: constant combat deployments are wearing out our troops, our war-fighting equipment, and our military families.  For the well-being of our unparalleled military-strength, and for that of our nation, we simply cannot tolerate any further cuts in defense funding.

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