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Editorial - 8/20/12

Aside from Vice President Biden's recent deplorable suggestion that conservatives would put Black-Americans (quote) "back in chains," beyond that lunacy, concerning under-currents are emerging, largely ignored by most national media, willingly chained to the left.       

First, an external concern.  A Russian attack-sub went undetected in coastal Gulf waters, leaving security-egg on the faces of Naval, and other leadership.  Russia is not our friend.  This tracking failure is fall-out from  the already-imposed half-billion in military funding cuts, due to double in January.  Given this serious defense vulnerability, how many others await us due to excessive, politically-driven cuts? 

Next, a domestic concern.  Homeland Security, and other federal agencies, have recently ordered millions of rounds of ammunition, most of it hollow-point.  Despite agency claims of training needs, hollow-point is not designed to penetrate paper.  Unsettling to have domestic agencies loading-up like a standing army.  This, along with recent executive orders giving the White House total control in the event of a (quote) "national emergency."  Contact your Senators and  Representatives. Ask why the huge ammo build-up?  What "emergency" are we anticipating?  America's citizens deserve to know what's really going on.     

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