Leaders Discuss Global Economy, Middle East

The Group of Eight around the meeting table.
The Group of Eight around the meeting table.

It is the beginning of the last day of the G-8 summit, and there have been some accomplishments made already. Yesterday, the Group of Eight met around the giant table built by Saint Simons doctor Carl Dohn. President Bush personally greeted each leader one by one as they gathered to begin their formal meetings.

The leaders talked about trade, the global economy, the HIV epidemic, fighting poverty in the developing world and Iraq.

President Bush says he wants NATO to have a larger role in Iraq.

Leaders from the Middle East also met with the G-8 members yesterday. They talked about how to achieve peace in the region along with political reforms to diffuse extremist movements. However, they know the change must come from within and not be imposed from the outside.

President Bush spoke to reporters about the transfer of power scheduled to take place in just a few weeks.

"When we say 'transfer of full sovereignty,' we mean transfer of full sovereignty," he said. "He is the president of a sovereign nation, and therefore he and the prime minister and the rest of the ministers must make decisions on--wise decisions on behalf of the Iraqi people."

After a long day at the table, President Bush and the rest of the Group of Eight walked down the beach on Sea Island to wind down. The entire group gathered to take the traditional G-8 class photo.

Reported by: Mike Manhatton, mmanhatton@wtoc.com