Brunswick Mayor on G-8

In spite of protests, many leaders in Brunswick feel things went very smoothly. In some ways, they wish it could continue. But they're glad to relax from things their town doesn't see every day.

Mayor Brad Brown isn't sure which world problems were solved this week, but he considers Brunswick's side of the G-8 summit a success.

"For the past six months, everything has been focused on preparing for, planning for this event," he told us.

With national and international media looking on, the region has handled protests every day with only a dozen or so arrests. Brown says prayer has helped calm the week's anxiety about its worldwide image. "I think the impression was we're just a bunch of redneck Bubbas down there who want to crack skulls," he said. "That's not the case."

While local problems like traffic and crime have almost disappeared, he knows many will be glad when things are over.

"I think there'll be a big sigh of relief," he said. "Man, we survived the G-8. Then next week, we'll sit down and get back to normal and try and figure out what is normal."

Mayor Brown says folks in the tourism business are already getting inquiries about the Golden Isles. So the payback for this week's inconveniences could be rolling in by the end of the summer and certainly next season.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,