Protesters Arrested in Glynn County

As the G-8 summit was coming to a close, dozens of protesters were still clamoring for the attention of world leaders and the media. About 50 protesters broke away from a larger group in Brunswick to cross the FJ Torras Causeway to Saint Simons and Sea Island.

Officers on foot and a caravan of patrol cars escorted them over the four-mile causeway. When they reached the islands what happened was the first arrests we've seen at the summit so far, when a handful of protesters made their way right up to the gate of Sea Island.

Police led away about a dozen people in restraints. Some went easily, others not. When they refused to move. Police took matters into their own hands.

"The last thing I wanted to do was make an arrest," said one officer.

"This is infringement on our civil liberties, our First Amendment isn't worth anything anymore," said protester Charles Williams, who was right there when it happened. "We sit here trying to express our views and they push us off the streets."

This is the closest demonstrators have come to the site of the summit, but it was here where their escort ended. The protesters who were arrested are facing misdemeanor charges for obstructing traffic. They'll be charged through the Glynn County Court System.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,