Man Burns Down His Own House

Firefighters were kept busy overnight fighting a blaze that was reportedly set by the homeowner. About 1:30am this morning, Thunderbolt firefighters were called to Bannon Drive where a house was already engulfed in flames. The fire lit up the sky and smoke could be seen as far away as Victory Drive.

As the firefighters pulled hoses into place, the walls began to collapse.

A man, who identified himself as 51-year-old Greg Schmidt, tells WTOC he and his wife live in the house and that he'd set the house on fire after a fight with her. Schmidt says first he took his dog to a neighbor next door, then poured gasoline in the home, lit the gas and got out.

Firefighters notified Thunderbolt police, who took Schmidt into custody while firefighters searched the house, making sure no one was inside.

The house was destroyed and Thunderbolt police are deciding on charges against Schmidt.

Reported by: Steven Shoob,