Residents React to End of G-8

People around the Coastal Empire are breathing a sigh of relief, now that the G-8 summit is officially over. Thousands of law enforcement officers and media are leaving town and most local residents, especially those on the Golden Isles, are eager for life to return to normal.

After anticipating the G-8's arrival for months, most of the people who live on Saint Simons and Sea Island are glad to see it end.

"We're happy that it came, but being locals, we're happy to see it go, too," said Saint Simons resident BJ Duffy.

She and her husband, Tom, have called Saint Simons Island home for four years. They considered leaving town for the summit, but decided to stay. "We've just enjoyed being caught up in all the excitement and seeing the military and all the services and police," she said. "It's just been nice. I'm glad we stayed."

Fellow resident Chris Taylor went downtown every day with her friends to support local businesses. She even bought a T-shirt to tell the world she stayed through the G-8. Now, she's kind of sorry it's leaving. "It's kind of lonely," she said. "We both were saying we'll miss some of the law enforcement and military that have been here. We're just really grateful for all that they have done."

Reported by: Liz Flynn,