River Street Business Picking Up

Things along River Street are getting back to normal. Some shopkeepers have seen business pick up since yesterday, but others say it's still very slow. Restaurants are serving more customers tonight than they have all week. That's good news for servers, who say they suffered through after deciding to stay open for the summit.

"The City of Savannah told restaurants to stay open cause the Army had to eat and the media had to eat," said Mark Edenfield of Dockside. "And then they were eating for free somewhere else. It was all messed up. And we were overstaffed."

When asked if things were getting back to normal, Edenfield told us, "It's getting there. By next week hopefully."

Businesses hope the publicity from the G-8 to boosts sales in the long run.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com