Editorial - 8/27/12

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency's job should be to police air and water quality, fairly enforce realistic regulations, based on valid science, and mandate corrections.  But rather than regulate for the good of the nation, this EPA answers to the few.  Held firm on the leash of the Administration and its radical-environmental political-partners, this EPA's mission seems to be imposing endless, new, over-reaching, punitive regulations, knowingly-strangling energy production and manufacturing growth, while forcing staggering private-sector compliance-costs, making planned economic success impossible, and further job losses inevitable.

Lately, at last, some federal-court rulings have gone against the EPA's suffocating regulations, halting, but briefly, the agency's unrelenting  politically-driven, anti-business blitzkrieg.  The most recent smack-down, involved Fed-despised, coal-fired power plants, leading the DC Circuit to admonish the EPA for (quote) "exceeding its statutory authority."  Termed    "transgressing the boundaries," in another case.  This EPA prefers to create its own rules.  As such, another hot, steaming load of punitive dictates  awaits, but purposely held, until after the election. In November, the reign of this malicious, private-business-devouring juggernaut, must come to an end.