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Terror plot to blow up Forsyth Park fountain alarms city of Savannah

Historic fountain at Forsyth Park Historic fountain at Forsyth Park

The reality of understanding, or even believing, a small group of our own soldiers could be dreaming up acts of terrorism is not sitting well with Savannah's mayor.

It is alarming and eye-opening to say the least.

The historic fountain at Forsyth Park was just one of the targets of this militia terrorist group who called themselves FEAR. Mayor Edna Jackson and other city leaders, like most of us, had no idea the group existed and that they had their sights set on our city.

"You never know. You look at what is happening across the country, the way people are doing things, but you never find out why," Jackson told WTOC. "People shooting in our schools and buildings and what have you. Hopefully, we are able to get to individuals before they commit those criminal acts."

In this case, they did get caught. Many of the alleged members of FEAR were stopped before Forsyth Park, President Barack Obama or Fort Stewart itself was put in any danger, or even made aware of the plot.

Some of the accused are soldiers stationed at Fort Stewart who have been arrested and questioned, and in some cases, are already beginning to face charges of the murder of two young people, including a soldier named Michael Rourke. Rourke's parents had indicated, after his December murder, their son wanted to get out of the military.

Did Rourke have some inside knowledge of this terrorist network and their plot? We may never find out, but Mayor Jackson says the situation is eye opening for the city.

"It is unfortunate two lives were lost but, also, it makes us aware. It can happen here. We can be attacked also from within," Jackson said.

WTOC contacted Savannah-Chatham Metro Police to see if they had any knowledge, hints or warnings about Forsyth Park being a terrorist target or any knowledge of the FEAR organization. There has been no word back from police.

One woman, who says she is a frequent Forsyth Park visitor, summed it up.

"Nothing surprises me anymore."

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