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Gas prices jump due to Isaac


One side effect from Hurricane Isaac is the higher gas prices as several oil refineries and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico have been shut down.

There has been a jump at gas pumps since Tuesday and prices could continue to rise. According to AAA, gas prices have jumped about 5 cents overnight and they are up about 15 cents from a week ago. The statewide average is $3.67 while the national average is $3.79.

Some drivers are asking why there is an increase if the storm is not even hitting Alabama. Others say these increases are nothing compared to what people in the Gulf area are dealing with.

"Went with the 89 octane instead of the 90, whatever, and thought 'I'll just get me enough to get through on payday on Friday,'" said Caldwell Stevenson.

"I grew up in South Mississippi, so it's really hard to not put everything in context and knowing that those families down there are worrying a lot more than an extra quarter per gallon," said Chad Cooley.

If you are wondering if you will see gas prices sky rocket because of Hurricane Isaac, rest easy. Governor Bentley declared a state of emergency Sunday so owners are not allowed to raise prices drastically. That would be considered price gouging.

Experts urge commuters to keep demand steady by not filling up unless you absolutely need to. They also suggest price shopping along your normal travel route to try and save a few cents at the pump.

"Don't just go to your neighborhood station because that's where you go. Keep an eye on the prices in your normal travel area and buy gas priced below everyone else and that'll help keep our prices lower," Clay Ingram with AAA said.

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