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Investigation into death of murder suspect's wife still open

Dierdre Aguigui Dierdre Aguigui

More twists in the case of four soldiers accused of murdering two people and forming a terror group called FEAR.

The focus has turned to the mysterious death of alleged ringleader Isaac Aguigui's wife one year ago.

How Dierdre Aguigui, 24, who was five months pregnant, died is still a mystery, at least publicly.

In court Monday, soldier Michael Bennett, one of the suspects in the murders of Michael Roark and Tiffany York, mentioned he had seen one other murder before the two teenagers, but did not say who or where.

Was it Dierdre Aguigui who was murdered? 

Criminal Investigation Command spokesman Chris Grey would not say Isaac Aguigui is a suspect in his wife's death, but they do say the investigation is ongoing. It has been more than a year since Dierdre, who was also a soldier at Fort Stewart, was found dead in the couple's Hinesville home.

The more we learn about her husband, Isaac, the more complex and disturbing this case seems to become as C.I.D. spokesman Grey would not elaborate on how she died. 

"That hasn't been released to the public at this point. I can confirm we have an open investigation into the death of Ms. Aguigui and that investigation is continuing," Grey told WTOC by phone.

Prosecutors in court say Isaac Aguigui, 19, used the money from the life insurance policy collected by his wife's death, $500,000, to fund his master plan of a militia group called FEAR, Forever Enduring Always Ready. $87,000 was used to buy and stockpile weapons.

Aguigui's wife was found dead on July 17 2011, just 12 days after her 24th birthday. Isaac Aguigui was never charged in the case.

Five months later, former soldier Michael Roark, 19, and his girlfriend of three months Tiffany York, 17, were found dead, shot to death in the woods in Long County.

One week later, Aguigui and three other soldiers were arrested for the murders. They were formally charged three months later on March 28, 2012.

This all leads to this week, where details of the terror plot and the FEAR group came to light. Grey says they are confident the group was small and no other members are free.

"We know who the perpetrators were in this case and related suspects and we don't believe there are any unknown subjects out there," Grey said.

The C.I.D. was very tight-lipped and short on specific details. They say they want to protect the integrity of the case as it moves through the courts.

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