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Fantasy and science fiction lovers hit Atlanta for DragonCon

DragonCon 2012 DragonCon 2012

DragonCon is here, and that means the crowds in Atlanta are a lot bigger and lot more entertaining.

The event attracts thousands of people from across the country who love dressing up in their favorite fantasy and sci-fi costumes.

There are the classics like Star Wars, Batman, and Tron. Then a whole lot of other stuff most people don't have a clue what it is, but it's all DragonCon.

David Gossett went dressed as the Riddler.

"This is my vacation. Every year is always counting down to being here," said Gossett.

He's not alone in that feeling.

"I think it's the most fun ever. It's highlight of my year because I don't get this kind of attention ever," said a woman dressed as a Mortal Combat character.

All that attention can make for a long day because there are a lot of pictures being taken, especially if it's a good costume.

The Mortal Combat crew said they move about 20 feet an hour.

Nearly everyone is on the lookout for the best costume, even those dressed up.

Some said they enjoyed the Star Wars characters, others the zombies, but others liked things they had never seen before.

"There was a guy in a bullet proof vest, a giant mask, and blocks for legs. It was crazy," said 10-year-old Griffin Ledbetter.

The event is for the entire family, but perhaps the biggest winner is the City of Atlanta.

Keith Deininger is a long time Atlanta native.

"Millions and millions of dollars. You figure every hotel in downtown, midtown, all the way through Dunwoody is completely sold out for this conference," Deininger said.

Deininger went to the original DragonCon event and he said he can't believe how much its grown and how many people come out to enjoy it now.

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