Woodville Tompkins holds annual homecoming

Woodville Tompkins holds annual homecoming

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - Graduates from 1950 to now were gathered together to enjoy each other's company at Woodville Tompkins' annual alumni reunion party Saturday in Garden City.

The event is held every year and all the classes are invited to attend. Of course, some of the classes think theirs was the best, but they all love seeing each other and having a good time in the process.

"It's so much fun, people you haven't seen for 30 years all of a sudden you can't stop embracing and talking you know," said Reverend Chester A. Ellis, Woodsville-Tompkins alum.

"Everybody's talking about their kids, their grandkids, you know, and great grandkids in some instances, so it's just a whole day of fun."

Proceeds from the event today will go towards college scholarships for current Woodsville-Tompskins students.

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