Editorial - 9/3/12

D.C.'s political megaphone continues to preach about the need for a level playing field, about shared-sacrifice, leading, we're told, to the Marxist promise-land of shared-prosperity, all to be assured by the ambiguous, one-size-fits-all, socio-economic solution called fairness. That's fairness, as in wealth re-distribution, confiscating from the active-makers for the benefit of the passive-takers.  Fairness, as in the Top 1% of wage earners now paying 37% of all federal income taxes, while the Top 40% pay over 82%.  Or the ultimate fairness, in the eyes of the left, when almost 50% of adults pay no federal income tax at all, as D.C.'s empire-builders squeeze the economic life out of the other half to support them, a ratio that will worsen if excessive taxation and regulation don't stop suffocating private-sector productivity and growth, our only hope for economic resurgence, and with it, more jobs.

In this exceptional land of liberty, fair opportunities are there, but achievements, not always, too often the result of bad choices, character flaws,  or a government that persists in short-circuiting success, by unfairly punishing the productive while rewarding those who've chosen not to be.  Next, a closer look at the disabling disease of dependency, the fond achievement of a government opposed to the American tradition of self-reliance.