InSITE--Honors to Old Glory!

You see them all the time, but what do you really know about our flag? I found a few places where you can learn, seeing as Flag Day is this week. Click to us U.S. Flag to start. It's unabashedly patriotic, no surprise there. Hit the table of contents for a way to look around a little, there's quite a bit here. I'd start with the flags themselves, so you know what to look for. Start with a famous flag, the one Betsy Ross made, or did she? they don't hesitate to question the origins of this bit of history, that may not be true. That said, click to the first confirmed, official flag of our nation, and learn a little bit about it.

Back to the reference page, and a list of many more flags, most famous for either their look or their history. Like General George Washington's flag. Note the six- pointed stars, the ones legend claims he brought to Betsy Ross, and she changed to the five- pointed stars we have now. Some very popular flags, with snakes, proclaiming America's power, but only when attacked.

For more flag lore, click to the section on "Old Glory." Actually just one man's flag, but the phrase has come to mean every American flag.

You can't leave out the Star Spangled Banner. There's a neat history of our National Anthem , that actually started as a poem, and wasn't the National Anthem until about 75 years ago. Interesting information, and great trivia that's anything but trivial.