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Statement from Chatham County Dept. of Engineering

As discuss[ed], the Board of Commissioners made a policy not to accept subdivision improvements which were left incomplete or in disrepair.  It is an undue burden upon the taxpayers to complete subdivision improvements left by developers.  It would set a precedent for developers to sell all lots in the subdivision and then leave town or go out of business. 

The Board accepted the paving and drainage improvements of Hampton Place and Berwick Lakes contingent upon receipt of $24,000 and upon the County Attorney being satisfied that the Homeowner Associations were in full operation.  $24,000 was the estimated cost of repairs needed within the subdivision.  The Board further committed to a SPLOST paving and drainage improvement project at the entrance to Hampton Place Subdivision.  This project will correct the flooding problems at the entrance by routing stormwater away from the subdivision. 

There are several maintenance items which must be corrected within Willow Lakes before the Board will consider acceptance of those paving and drainage improvements.  The County did, however, complete a SPLOST drainage project which improved the drainage along Quacco Road up to the entrance of Willow Lakes Subdivision.  Those improvements cost approximately $1.6M and were completed in mid 2011. 

Suzanne Cooler, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Chatham County Dept. of Engineering

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