Hampton County Residents Cleaning Up After Floods

Folks in South Carolina are still cleaning up after Mother Nature hit parts of Hampton County hard, with 12 inches of rain in some places.

"I've never seen this much water," said resident Priscilla Grant. "I've never seen this much water since Storm Hugo."

Hampton County residents are picking up the pieces after heavy rains flooded parts of Early Branch and Cummings. "Water was so high it was a disgrace," said Cummings resident Ted Jones. "I was in the car coming from Hampton and water was coming in the car."

"Probably about two feet of water on most of the roads," recalled Thomas Watson, EMS director for the county. "There were places where we had eight feet over the road bed, which is pretty high."

Not only were several roads flooded, but Mother Nature left many residents with quite a mess. In fact, one resident had to tread through the water to save his hogs from the floods in his backyard.

Although emergency workers asked nearly 100 residents to evacuate the area, there were only a few who left their homes.

"We probably physically evacuated two families, most of the other folks self-evacuated," said Watson. "They had trucks that could manage the roads. But most of them decided to stay."

Emergency officials are hoping the worst is over. They should reopen most of the roads in the next day or two, but it could be a week before everything's back to normal.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com