SCANA, Senior Citizens Inc. Give Away Free Fans

Summer's almost here and that means scorching temperatures. Most folks can just turn on their air conditioning to cool down. But some either can't afford it or don't have air conditioning. So this morning, SCANA Energy took steps to help those folks out. They gave a check to Senior Citizens, Inc., to buy 500 electric fans.

"We think it's a very needy cause to give fans to people through Savannah this time of year with this heat," SCANA's Mike O'Connor said. "There's lots of seniors out there who can't afford air conditioning, and we figure in some small way this helps."

"You know, when it's so hot like this, just having the air move around can make the difference between having heat exhaustion and being okay," noted Senior Citizens' Patti Lyons.

The fans are free to those who qualify. They're available at Senior Citizens, Inc. on Bull Street. You can call them at 236.0363.

Reported by: Miriam Finch