Police Cracking Down on Illegal Turns Off President Street

Police are out in force ticketing for illegal turns.
Police are out in force ticketing for illegal turns.

Downtown construction has been a nightmare for many commuters ever since they closed General McIntosh Blvd. to Bay Street. Because of all that, traffic laws have changed and that's going to be costing many not just a longer ride to work, but some pretty big cash in the form of tickets.

Many drivers say they've never seen the sign telling them not to turn on to Randolph off President Street at certain times of the day. But police say the signs have been up for months, and now they're cracking down.

Teresa Love takes President Street to work every morning, but yesterday her drive took a different turn. "There were five or six cars pulled over and they were handing out tickets like it was homework," she said.

And one day later, the scene was the same. When our crews arrived, anyone who took a left off of President Street onto Randolph got a ticket.

"I didn't see the sign," said driver John Stowe. "I didn't know there was a sign."

Harry King was also ticketed. "This is unrealistic," he said. "I couldn't see it. You come down this street and then they grab you."

Savannah-Chatham police say these signs have been up for the last three months and the reason they started giving out tickets this week is because many drivers choose to ignore the signs.

"Why am I getting ticketed for making a turn?" said Love. "I should get a warning."

With so much traffic on President Street every morning, many people take the left turn on Randolph, but now those looking for a short cut need to steer clear if they don't want to pay a hefty fine. The ticket is $116.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com