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Editorial - 9/10/12

Unemployment masquerading at 8.1%, far below actual, and anemic job-growth continues.  Pretty-much a normal week here in the national neighborhood.  But a couple of concepts bear notice.  Echoing the insatiable need to punish American success, the Mayor of Newark said:  "being asked to pay your fair share isn't class warfare, it's patriotism."  Certainly not class-warfare.  It's simply driving the stake of envy, so deep, that successful Americans are roundly-despised.  Now, if  "fair share" is the new patriotic-standard, since productive, multi-class citizens already pay well-above their share, we live in a land of super-patriots.  So let's cut the charade. We don't need higher taxes on jobs-creators, those who fund America, we need far more tax-payers, so that the almost 50% who pay none, can get in the game, and fairly-help to support our nation.     

And then there's a new DNC video claiming "Government is the only thing we all belong to."  Despite the soothing-lure of Marxism, we do not belong to government.  Government belongs to us, a fact easily-forgotten by too many of our elected and everyday citizens alike.  Rather than D.C., we all belong to our God in heaven, who has graced us with the blessing of life, a life not to be surrendered to serfdom, by elitist-dictate. Now, after all of that, if you're still searching for some good news, football's back!

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