Men accused of militia plot indicted in Liberty County

Men accused of militia plot indicted in Liberty County

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - Five more men face charges as part of a militia plot by a group that calls themselves Forever Enduring Always Ready or FEAR.

A Liberty County grand jury on Monday returned three indictments against the men.

Christopher Jenderseck, Adam Brady Dearman, Timothy Martin Joiner, Randall Blake Dearman, and Anthony Garner were indicted for violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act. Arrest warrants were issued for all five defendants.

Jenderseck was arrested Tuesday in North Dakota. He faces charges of two counts of tampering with evidence and three Street Gang Act violations.

The tampering with evidence charges are in connection with the destruction of physical evidence in the December 2011 deaths of Michael Roark and Tiffany York in Long County, according to the Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney's Office.

"These people were not directly involved in the two killings, not directly as far as being at the scene. However, were they part and parcel of what was going on. We believe the evidence does show and will show that according to what was presented to the grand jury and what has already come out in court," said District Attorney Tom Durden.

Prosecutors said that Isaac Aguigui was the mastermind behind the FEAR group. Prosecutors are seeking the death penality against him in connection with the double murder in Long County court.

"We've indicated that funding for this organization came from insurance benefits and proceeds Isaac Aguigui received in his wife's death. But we also stated in court that other drug and theft crimes also funded and supported the organization's activities," said Assistant District Attorney Isabel Pauley.

Adam Dearman and Timothy Joiner are charged jointly in one indictment. Joiner faces charges of burglary, theft by taking and two Street Gang Act violations. Dearman faces three Street Gang Act offenses. 

The third indictment jointly charged Dearman, Joiner, Randall Blake Dearman and Anthony Garner. Joiner and Randall Dearman face two counts of burglary, nine counts of entering auto, two counts of financial transaction card theft, and one count of theft by taking and second-degree criminal damage to property. Joiner and Randall Dearman were also charged with 14 counts of Street Gang Act violations in this indictment. 

Adam Dearman is indicted for three Street Gang Act violations. Garner is charged with theft by receiving stolen property and one Street Gang Act count.

Joiner and Garner are not in custody.

Adam Dearman was administratively separated from the military in November 2011. Timothy Joiner was administratively separated in December 2011. Jenderseck ended service in April. Garner was administratively separated in May.

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