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Five more charged in Ft. Stewart militia plot

Adam Dearman, Randall Dearman, Christopher Jenderseck (Source: Liberty Co. Sheriff's Office) Adam Dearman, Randall Dearman, Christopher Jenderseck (Source: Liberty Co. Sheriff's Office)

Monday's indictments against five suspects in an alleged domestic terror plot may have seemed like a shock, but there were hints they were on the horizon.

Two weeks ago in court, Atlantic District Assistant District Attorney Isabel Pauley said lower-level members of the group were committing petty crimes to fund Forever Enduring Always Ready – or FEAR, a group prosecutors say was planning a violent overthrow of the U.S. government.

The indictments returned by a Liberty County grand jury support Pauley's statements. They outline several burglaries, thefts, auto break-ins and violations of anti-gang laws.

These crimes seem to have been ramping up in December – the month FEAR members allegedly committed a string of burglaries and car break-ins over two days. It was the same month Adam Dearman, one of the five suspects indicted yesterday, went to jail in Elbert County. Prosecutors say he shot and wounded a man the same day alleged FEAR member Michael Roark and 17-year-old girlfriend Tiffany York were killed. They say the attack was related to the militia.

Adam Dearman still is in jail in Elbert County, and his brother, Randall Dearman, is behind bars in Liberty County. So far, Randall Dearman seems to be the only FEAR member who wasn't a solder. The other four men indicted Monday were former soldiers and were administratively separated from the Army between November and May.

Two members of the group, Timothy Joiner and Anthony Garner, remain at large.

Prosecutors are trying to bring Christopher Jenderseck back to Georgia. He's behind bars in North Carolina and fighting his extradition.

Tiffany York's family is worried about how far FEAR spreads.

"I don't know what's going on but Fort Stewart needs to get it under control, let somebody know they have a problem instead of hiding it," her brother, Nick York, said.

Fort Stewart officials say they're not hiding anything – that they know, and have known, who all the members of this terror cell are. Their main concern is compromising ongoing investigations.

All five of the suspects accused of killing Roark and York are, or were, soldiers.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Pvt. Isaac Aguigui, Pvt. Christopher Salmon and Sgt. Anthony Peden, accused of murdering Roark and York. Pfc. Michael Burnett already has pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and illegal gang activity in the case. Salmon's wife, Heather Salmon, also has been charged with murder in the case but is not facing the death penalty.

Roark had just left the Army, and prosecutors say FEAR's leaders were afraid the couple would betray the group's secrets.

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