Daimler Site Gets International Attention

The Coastal Empire has a lot to offer, and while that is a known fact to many residents, not too many out of town people realize our vast resources. So during the G8 Summit the Savannah Economic Development Authority went to work making sure the world took notice, in the form of a special tour. The Senior Vice-President of SEDA, Lynn Pitts says, "We called it the 'Made in Savannah Tour' where we took some reporters to JCB and Gulfstream."

On the way to those businesses it's hard to miss the very big piece of land known to many as the Daimler Chrysler Site, "And we drove by the mega site, we saw that, we talked about it, we talked about the history and we said if they had any companies that were interested we had a nice big site for them." Pitts says SEDA was hoping the made in savannah tour would get a little more attention but many journalists were on tight deadlines, "They were here to cover a diplomatic event, so we couldn't get as many of them to come out as we thought."

But regardless, the G8 was an event sort of like the1996 Olympics, Pitts says people who never saw Savannah are getting a lesson on some of our major employers, "It was different from this event but the attention of the world was on our own small part of the world and now a lot of people who didn't know where savannah was...now do."