Editorial - 9/13/12

Tuesday, on this, the 11th anniversary, we paused to remember, with respect, and reflection, the carnage this great nation suffered at the hands of radical Islamic barbarians, following their brutal, unprovoked Attack on America, September 11, 2001.  A despicable act carried out by a violence-prone political movement.  Fringe extremists, masquerading under the guise of religion, bent on destructive-rampages against all in the civilized world who don't accept their embrace of repression and death, choosing, instead, as do we, liberty and life.

This week, several of our Mid-East embassies were attacked, and, in Libya, our Ambassador and members of his staff, killed, apparently by al-Qaeda-linked thugs.  That problematic video was merely the convenient-cover for violence, prior-planned and orchestrated, to rain indignation down on Americans, and any others in the world, who refuse their form of punitive-domination, practiced in centuries-past.  These violent radical outbursts demonstrate very clearly that we are still at war with, and in some cases, regrettably vulnerable to, their unrestrained, demented, militant-evil.  There can be no question that our vulnerability has been increased, by telegraphing to our enemies, that our posture, now, is appeasement, rather than traditional power and strength to be feared. We've told our enemies, in so many ways: the doors open; the risk again worth it.