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Editorial - 9/17/12

Our national debt, budget deficit, and federal spending are all, now, at the highest levels since World War II, putting us out of the running for a Nobel Prize in either economics, or sanity.  And what has this financial-malfeasance produced?  Beyond eroding our traditions and future, among other negatives, we now have over 100-million U.S. residents, citizens and illegals alike, receiving some form of federal-welfare, whether housing, food, income, or other. But, cost-wise, it's even worse.  All that funding-drain does NOT, repeat, does NOT include payments for Medicare or Social Security!  100-million people, becoming addicted, like crack, to the Fed-dole, on top of the millions who've actually earned their Medicare and Social Security assistance.  All courtesy of the 50% still paying way-above their fair-share in Federal-taxes, as they bear the increasing burden of supporting America.

And, now, since we're currently enjoying a threat-free, love-filled world, thanks to the pacifying-magic of those who "sing in the sunshine," January's a great time to insanely-gut our nation's military and security funding, to put still more of your money into social-engineering whims, trading America's traditional self-reliant individualism, for faceless, obedient collectivism, bringing giggling-joy to the hard-left-elite, who much prefer, pawns to people.  Dependence destroys liberty. Period!  More on that curse later.   

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