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The Wet Weather Makes For Perfect Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Heavy rain causes more problems than just's an open invitation to mosquitoes

Henry Lewandowski of Chatham County Mosquito Control tells us some species of mosquitoes lay their eggs on wet ground but they don't hatch until a puddle forms. With all the rain we've received the past two weeks more and more baby mosquitoes will soon be buzzing by our heads.

"Those eggs can stay dormant for months and months until we get rain like this and if there's a flood than these eggs can hatch," said Lewandowski.

Experts have been working hard checking swamps, studying mosquitoes under the microscope, doing everything they can to try and prevent the spread of the West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis . But they say there are simple things you can do to avoid mosquito breeding grounds

"Anything from a bottle cap, to suitcases, abandoned cars anything can hold water...people should clean these things out at least twice a week," he continued.

These days anything that can hold water is pretty much everywhere you look and Lewandowski says it's not going to get any easier

"The more it rains than the more areas get flooded than the greater the nuisance"

Reported by Hena Daniels:


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