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New details in sexual predator case reveal meetings and messages

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Obscene pictures and lewd conversation between a 25-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl have landed a former volunteer firefighter in trouble with the law. Lamar Beaupre is now out on bond after being arrested Tuesday on charges of enticing a child for indecent purposes.

Effingham County Sheriff's investigators shared with WTOC the disturbing Facebook message conversations between Beaupre and the teen.

Some of it would enrage a parent, including details of the kinds of pictures he allegedly sent the girl. The messages reveal someone who knew what he was doing was wrong. Even for the sheriff, what he saw made his jaw drop.

"Some of the things I saw on that computer, it was just plain filthy," Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie told WTOC.

The Effingham County Sheriff thought he saw everything in his long law enforcement career, but sexual predators keep surprising him.

"Some photos I've seen are just ridiculous. I mean, just filthy photos. And they are under the impression they are sending them to 13-year-old boys, 12-year-old girls," McDuffie said.

The latest case involves a 25-year-old former volunteer Southside firefighter, a man who even played Santa Claus one year, Lamar Beaupre. His six month internet flirtation with a 14-year-old Rincon girl escalated and lead him straight to jail.

"The internet was available. The opportunity was there for both of them and he took advantage of it," McDuffie said. "I think he and her met at one point at one of the local grocery stores and he may have tried to fondle her at that location at that time."

McDuffie says it was around this time the girl's parents found out and got his office involved. The case hits close to home.

"Deeply concerning. My daughter is 14 as well," he said. "Young people today don't realize the seriousness of it. You've got to pay attention to what they are doing and who they are talking to."

A look at the Facebook messages between the man and the teenager ranged from what is described as creepy, "Sorry babe. Mwah," Beaupre wrote to the girl. In another exchange the two are planning a meeting to get a hug but he admits he wouldn't get one if her parents were there.

In a later message he asks the 14 year old if she misses him because he "heard she was trying to turn him into the cops." The worst, the sheriff says, he couldn't show us.

"He started sending pictures, obscene requests, things they wanted to do, making comments that were inappropriate for a child," McDuffie told WTOC. "She is under the age of consent. She can't consent to anything at that age."

As mentioned at the beginning of the story, Beaupre is out of jail on bond after his arrest Tuesday. WTOC tried to contact him, even stopping by his home, but he wasn't there. We left a message with his mother.

Beaupre is charged with Enticing a Child For Indecent Purposes and felony Distribution of Material Depicting Nudity or Sexual Conduct.

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