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IPhone 5 arrival draws lines, crowds in Savannah

Customers try out the iPhone 5. Customers try out the iPhone 5.

Savannah's most diehard iPhone fans began lining up around AT&T's location on Mall Boulevard at about midnight to be the first to get an iPhone 5.

"I wanted it bad," said Andrew Fleming.

"We got here at 2 a.m., because you have to wait three to four weeks if you preorder. I want my phone today," said Casey Durrence.

That's precisely what is pushing customers to stores.

"We had a record-breaking preorder this year," said store manager Cater Anderson. "We have a lot of people excited about it. Obviously, we have a lot of people excited about getting their phone today and we got them in stock and we will take care of guys and have a good time."

Durrence, who was standing at the front of a line of about 30 people, said the iPhone 5 is worth losing sleep over.

"Now the line is wrapped around the building, and I am in the front," said Durrence. "Now I should be able to get mine.

Raul Patel said the wait is part of the experience.

"It's fun to wait in line with people that know about Apple and knows the phone," said Patel. "We have been talking about phones for two hours."

At 8 a.m., the nearly 30 people who spent hours waiting in line were greeted with cheers as the retailer began selling the new iPhone 5.

"It looks really good," said Brad Sandars. "I am impressed with it. Everyone should be really happy with it."

"It's bigger, so now you have more screen to watch movies or browse the Web," said one excited customer.

Those ordering the phone online now may have to wait three to four weeks get their hands on the new device, as demand exceeds the current supply.

The iPhone 5 features a bigger screen, a lighter and slimmer frame and a faster processor.

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