St. Mary's Community Center Receives Award For Service

Most people who reach out to help others in need aren't in it for the rewards. That makes being recognized for your work even more special. One organization, singled out for their community service and dedication is the St. Mary's Community Center in the Cuyler Brownsville community of Savannah. The center is sponsored and funded by St. Joseph's/Candler, our area's faith based health system. Recently the center was singled out as number one in the country by the Catholic Health Association.

The St. Mary's Community Center in the Cuyler Brownsville neighborhood is a busy place where three full-time employees and three part-time, along with many volunteers, sort through donated clothing to be redistributed, train adults on computers, help children enjoy summer camps, and encourage people to improve their health. When St. Joseph's/Candler started this center four years director Sister Pat knew the way to make it a success was to listen to the people who would be using the services. "Whatever they said, we brought in partners that could do that. That's the key, bringing services into the neighborhood."

Paul hinchey, President and CEO of St. Joseph's/Candler says this busy community center brings health and social services directly to it's people by forming partnerships with others spread throughout Chatham County. "Savannah Tech, Armstrong Atlantic, the school board, Social Service Agency, and more. We use this as a hub so all those resources can come together."

Recently at a special ceremony in Chicago, Sister Pat and Paul Hinchey accepted the Catholic Health Association's highest honor-- the National Achievement Citation-- paying tribute to the best ideas and sharing that creativity across the country.

The St. Mary's Center is located at 812 W. 36th Street in Savannah. For information on being a part of the good works done at the center or for information on receiving their services call 912-447-0578 or e-mail at