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NYC man on cross country walk for equality stops in Savannah

Alan Bounville Alan Bounville

A New York City man made it to Savannah this week by walking from Seattle, Washington, by himself. It wasn't for fun or an experiment. Alan Bounville is a man on a mission.

WTOC caught up Bounville on Tybee Island Friday. The 35 year old began the journey a year and a half ago, gave up life in the Big Apple, and with the help and support of friends and family, decided to raise awareness about gender discrimination and full federal rights for gays,  lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders.

He calls his mission the Into the Light Walk, and he's come across all kinds of people, and situations, to make it this far.

"I meet all kinds of people. I have definitely had interactions with people which have not been pleasant and then I have had lots of wonderful experiences as well," Bounville said. "This is one of my favorite places, Savannah. It is absolutely gorgeous. I had a chance to go out to Bonaventure Cemetery and I've been walking through downtown, seeing the sites and it's a beautiful area here."

Host families took him in along his nationwide walk. They let him borrow their car while in Savannah to sight see on Tybee.

Alan Bounville leaves Savannah Saturday for his next stop in Macon. Then, he is off to Atlanta.

His final destination is Washington, D.C. and you can track his journey and find out more about it by visiting his website,

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