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Former President Bill Clinton's Book Hits Stores

While many New Yorkers camped out in front of book stores to get first dibs on Bill Clinton's biography "My Life," the turn out locally wasn't so stellar.  But that doesn't mean some local residents aren't interested in learning more about this controversial figure and fellow southerner.

"I think he's fascinating, said Carey Shellman, he is someone who can understand his shortcomings," .

"I think he was an articulate President. One that can think and speak on his feet," added Allan Lander.

As book sales slowly increased throughout the day for this predicted best seller, not everyone cared about hearing Bill Clinton's side of the story.

Candace Tassell says "I think he's trying to come back. It doesn't sit right with me. I wouldn't give him more money and support him."

Surprisingly most "My Life" buyers weren't interested in reading about the controversy that surrounded Clinton's presidency.

"I'm not interested in the draft dodging and non inhaling,"  said Lander

Whether people are fans of Clinton or not, many agreed it may be too soon for a biography.

"I don't think someone should publish a book until they're dead," added Tassell.

Reported by Hena Daniels:


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