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Editorial - 9/24/12

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Obvious to keen-observers from the get-go, the uprising in Libya wasn't spontaneous, since demonstrators usually aren't equipped with AK-47's and RPG's.  It was a planned, purposeful attack, by al-Qaeda franchisees. Our first, on-site response to cold-blooded murder was an apology to militants for an obscure video, few here even knew existed.  Rather than outrage over the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans, we chose to apologize, which if you'll recall, is what started the downward spiral of our world respect, power, and influence to begin with.  Even after back-tracking on "gosh, we're sorry," the wrong cause was perpetuated.   

Jay Carney, told the media that the attacks in Libya were (quote):  "not a response to the American people," maintaining instead, that the "cause of the unrest was a video."   Yes, just like dieticians inevitably recommend Ding-Dongs for their superb nutritional value.  Then, our U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, a video-as-villain acolyte, said that, because the U.S. helped with their revolution, (quote):  "we're quite popular in Libya."  Perhaps less popular would be healthier.  It wasn't the video!  And the violence on September 11th wasn't coincidental. The terror war against radical Islam is real. They enjoy killing Americans. Time to stop the spineless, kissy-face diplomacy before more militants, or their domestic surrogates, succeed in attacking us again.

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