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Afghanistan, Iraq veteran speaks at Bluffton library

CPO Garry Tossing CPO Garry Tossing
Two tours in Afghanistan, three tours in Iraq, and now, Navy CPO Garry Tossing is back in the states and talking to local groups.
Tossing is now stationed at Beaufort's Navy Hospital and stopped by the Beaufort County Public Library Tuesday to discuss what it was like on his most recent tours to Afghanistan. Now that he's back, he wanted to share with the audience some of the challenges he faced in Afghanistan as a medical corpsman.

Most of his discussion highlighted the successes in Afghanistan but he did discuss how difficult it was to get around the mountainous country and get necessary health care to desolate areas and communities.
"If a bunch of armed men walk into a village to talk to the men, then they might be a little more defensive. But if we go in and say look we're here to help you your women, your daughters and your children, they're much more receptive," said Tossing.
Tossing returned to the states about a year and a half ago and just started his time in Beaufort.  He'll be there for about three years before he retires from the Navy.
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